Evaporative Control Systems, Inc.
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"We turn watering upside down"
Experts in sand hydroponics since 1999
Evaporative Control Systems, Inc.
"Experts in Sand Hydroponics since 1999"

Shop our Products at www.shop.ecsplanters.com

ECS sustainable sand hydroponic planting systems conserve water, use less fertilizer, and grow prolifically stronger plants in washed SAND, not soil.  The secret is the patented EPIC technology that controls the physical parameters in a sand media allowing the PLANT to decide when to drink, breathe, and absorb nutrients.


The Environmental Passive Integrated Chamber (EPIC) System is a water management tool used for filtration, drainage, and sub-irrigation of landscapes.  The EPIC system has been utilized for residential / business landscapes, agricultural gardens / hoop houses / greenhouses / fields, sports fields, parks, golf courses, water treatment facilities, septic leach fields, and even salt water irrigation research.

Shop ECS self watering products at www.shop.ecsplanters.com
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