Beans grown in identical sand beds.. The roots on the left were irrigated by capillary rise in an ECS planter. The roots on the right were conventionally top watered.

Capillary rise in an EPIC System

ECS, a.k.a. EPIC, are sand hydroponic planting systems, where plants grow in sand and not soil.  Although sand generally has not been recognized as a planting media due to its fast drainage, sand is actually a preferred growing media for most plants. Adhesion and cohesion properties of water create surface tension and capillary rise within the sand growing profile.

Washed sand media provide the perfect combination of stability without compaction and aerobic air-water ratios in the root zone without ever being over-watered.  The plants themselves make the decision of when to drink and when to breathe.

Water is introduced directly to the roots from the inlet.  As water is transpired by the plant, new water is automatically replaced upward into the root zone by capillary action from the sub-surface reservoir.  The water film from capillary rise and high oxygen levels among the sand voids provide an ideal growing environment for plant growth.

Irrigation demand is dramatically reduced as every drop is utilized for exceptional plant growth!

Consultation Services

Contact us directly regarding your next Agriculture, Commercial, Residential, or Engineering Project aiming to achieve Total Water Management with EPIC System Sand Hydroponics.


Custom AutoCAD design services integrating client’s existing site plans and details with custom EPIC rendering.

Project Management

Oversight and collaboration with contractors installing the EPIC system.

Training & Inspection

Education of installation techniques and optimization of implementation.


Simplified, non-pressured, gravity-driven system allows low upkeep and maximum results.

Retail Garden Store

Recently in a controlled greenhouse environment test of 750 cucumber plants, the EPIC System used 72% LESS water, 50% LESS fertilizer, and produced 300% MORE crop than the adjoining conventional drip system.
The secret is that ECS sand hydroponics use every drop and achieve 100% efficiency.

Planter Conversion Kits

Economical and easy, convert any sized planter.  There are large and small kits that allow you to convert any planter to a sand hydroponic planter.  Use it for outdoor or indoor planters of any size or shape.  Recommended for planter height of 12″ or larger.


ECS Garden Kit

4′ width x 15″ height x 8′ length.  You can construct an ECS sand hydroponics raised garden bed for flowers, plants and vegetables grown outdoors or in greenhouse applications.  Link together garden kits to form larger areas, connected by gravity distribution, to be simply irrigated from a single point source at the beginning of your garden.  Water flows through the non-pressurized ECS chambers and irrigates the sand hydroponic gardens.


ECS Premier Raised Garden Bed

This very easy to assemble kit is made of 1.5″ thick Redwood side walls, pre-cut and taped 45 mil EPDM liner, and EPIC chamber with connections.  Assembled it forms a 4’x4’x16″ deep raised garden bed ready for washed sand fill.  Very rugged and strong construction, it will provide a lifetime of prolific garden use without and seasonal “soil” replacement.  The plants grow in sand hydroponics, not soil.

EPIC garden planter

Small EPIC Garden Planter

Economical and Easy, convert any sized planter. The kit allows you to convert any planter to a self watering sand hydroponic planter. Use it for small outdoor or indoor planters of any size or shape. Recommended for use with a planter base ranging 8″-16″ width.